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    Ehhhh.....Wassup, Doc?



    You're magic.

    Lesson 1 - Realize that you already are a superhero, you just don't remember how to access your powers.

    Lesson 2 - Realize that life is not what you think it is.  Not even close.

    Lesson 3 - Acknowledge that we live in an energetic universe.  Everything is energy -- and energy cannot be created or destroyed. (Even your personality is made of energy!)

    Lesson 4 - Understand that energy can be manipulated via intention, attention, thought, emotion and spirit among other things...

    Lesson 5 - Believe that you have access to unlimited energy and power from the universe.  You do. (But it must be used rightly or there will be karmic repercussions)

    Lesson 6 - Meditate daily - connect to your guides and teachers and ask to be filled with love and light; ask for the energy to flow through you.  A consistent regimen helps build power.  In time you'll see changes and you'll learn how to apply this power.  The universe will point you in the right direction if you are ready for it.

    Lesson 7 - Become a conduit for universal life force energy.  Channel energy through your body.  Become a walking, talking 
    tree of life.  As above, so below.

    Lesson 8 - Keep in mind that there are many ways to learn (remember) how to channel energy -- you can attend a workshop on reiki or shamanic healing, just to name a few.  You can even use powerful downloads that assist with putting your brain waves and energy fields into the right frequency (for superhero transformation).  

    Lesson 9 - Fill your heart daily with gratitude and love.  This is not some flowery new-age statement -- this is raw, unstoppable power.  It breeds fearlessness.  In the presence of love, fear cannot exist.  Allow this gratitude and love to be a powerful engine as you go forward to create and heal, as superheroes do.

    Lesson 10 - Manifest things that will help balance yourself, balance your family and ultimately, balance the world.  The energetic world that you may not see is alive and responsive to your energetic projections.

    Lesson 11 - There are no limitations to what you can do when you dream from the heart and channel the life force.  The heart has neurons just like the brain and its own, fully-functioning consciousness.  If you channel love through it, you can manifest a new world.  Sometimes these changes will manifest instantly, sometimes they will take a little longer.  Have fearless, warrior-style faith and confidence that changes will unfold at the right moment.  Observe.  Be aware.  Be open.  Become the superhero.  

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      HOW TO BECOME A SUPERHERO - Organic Communication - Higher Consciousness, Life Purpose and Self Healing
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      HOW TO BECOME A SUPERHERO - Organic Communication - Higher Consciousness, Life Purpose and Self Healing
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