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    Ehhhh.....Wassup, Doc?



    (NOTE:  For updates on systems that can be used to ascertain your life purpose, you can sign up here to stay in the loop.  We will also be delving more into how to align with your life purpose and make income from it going forward.  With signup, you'll also get instant access to our learning library). ____________________________________________________________________________

    Finding our life path (and living it) is quite possibly the most important thing that we can ever do.  It enables us to align ourselves with our natural aptitudes and live within our optimal consciousness.  It empowers us to make our greatest contributions to self and to society at large.  The Mayans knew this as have many cultures before us -- and they structured their societies in a manner that benefited from this. Sadly, we have become disconnected from this reality in our modern world.  We live in a world where we are told who we should be, what we should value (usually money) and where our energies should be focused.  We have become domesticated.  Our environment is one of constant distraction and unnatural stimulation that has disconnected us from the natural cycles of our planet and the cosmos.

    For many years, I've been on a quest for self-understanding, growth and healing, but have struggled throughout this journey.  While I have progressed spiritually through exploration in energy healing, shamanic training, journeying and ceremony, among other endeavors, I could not help but ackowledge that I was not moving forward to my fullest potential.  I found myself repeating certain patterns over and over again -- whether they be addictions (like incessantly surfing the web) or just using my time in a relatively unproductive manner that did not channel the creativity that is part of my birth plan.  I was permitting certain fears to recur and disrupt my natural state of happiness and harmony.  I don't want to do this any longer.

    That is what this site will be about going forward.  Finding your life path and executing on it.

    I have decided to change things.  I want to share this journey with others and invite them along for the ride.  By becoming the best versions of ourselves, we can contribute to a planet that is rooted in balance, flow and harmonic cycles.

    I will do my best to share my experiences, as well as provide practical tools and exercises for the journey. 

    In a nutshell, I will be sharing resources on finding, tracking and living within our destined life purpose; reclaiming ownership of our busy, undisciplined minds that wreak havoc and impede forward progress; balancing our bodies -- both energetically and physically; and ultimately, working with and sharing our powerful (and magical) gifts with the world. 

    Underneath it all, we all have super powers.  We just need to return to a place where we can access them.

    I hope that you'll join me.

    In love and nature,



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